Swell Team


Matt Brindley


Matt is a registered Architect with both the Board of Architects in Queensland and the NSW Board of Architects. He has over 39 years experience in all facets of architectural design and development. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand and in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. He has spent most of his working life in large corporate architectural practices delivering excellence on major residential, commercial, retail and hospitality projects. He has designed over 10,000 dwellings from single houses to major high rise apartments. His expertise is in understanding client requirements and his ability to focus from concept to delivery is an outstanding skill. He is also a golfer, sailor and a movie viewer with a great love of travel.


Trisha Brindley

Concept and Interior Designer

Trisha is an intuitive designer with a love of beautiful houses. She is widely travelled and began her career in advertising with account service progressing to creative direction and marketing. She has worked with large national and multinational ad agencies and clients as well as not for profit organizations. Changing direction she studied at the International School of Colour and Design at the Rocks in Sydney, winning the Porters Paints Colour Award in her year. She followed this with working on a degree in Fine Art at Newcastle University before spending two years in the UAE. She is not a golfer, interested in sailing on a yacht only if there’s a dining room, loves visiting other people’s houses and never lets her passport lapse. Matt and Trisha met when he was a young architect in a large practice and she was hired as their Marketing Manager. They’ve been working, living and travelling together ever since. The business operates in a number of ways, Matt gravitates towards large projects and Trisha towards houses and new business concepts. They team up to develop concepts, each working on their own projects as required. They’ve been married for 25 years with a variety of children, step-children, grand-children and even children of ex-spouses who help create a very millennial family. Matt and Trisha started the move north from Sydney in 2010. Held up by floods, cyclones and delivering a 6 storey office building on the mid New South Wales Coast, they finally made it to the Sunshine Coast in early 2013. They plan to buy and build in the area and intend to make Queensland their base while executing work in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Always available for projects overseas.

Swell Team

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