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• Site analysis
• Master planning
• Design
• Documentation Production
• Administration
• Expert Overshadowing Analysis
• Council submissions
• Peer Review and Document Review

Swell Architects offer a range of architectural services on most projects as individual stages or as a complete package. You can select one or several of these stages. Our fees are based on either a percentage of the final construction cost or as a lump sum fee depending on the services required and the complexity of the project. Fees are payable at the end of each stage or if the process is prolonged, at monthly intervals. The 5 stages of the architectural process are listed below:

Concept Design

We will discuss with you to create the written project brief for the building. From that we will come back to you with freehand floor plans and a hand drawn 3D image of our concept. We may present you with more than one option. From these you can select ideas you like, to arrive at a final concept.

Design Development to Development Application

From the agreed concept design we develop firm line CAD drawings for you to assess in more detail leading to the production of drawings and documents suitable for submission to local Council for a Development Application. This will include coordinating reports and drawings from other consultants and the production of a energy ratings as required. We will deal with queries from Council staff and negotiate as required to assist the progress of the Development Approval.

Construction Certificate

Following approval of the Development Application, we produce more complex drawings and written specifications to obtain a Construction Certificate from either Council or a Private Certifier.

Construction Documentation

In this stage we work with you to select finishes and colours and from this information produce the Construction Documentation consisting of many more detailed drawings as well as written schedules of finishes and fittings. These documents are put out to Tender to selected Builders. At the end of the Tender period, we will assess with you the Tenders and advise as to the best outcome from the tenders both in terms of Cost and Time. We may negotiate with the selected Tenderer to reduce the construction cost and allow you to contract with the Builder.

Advice during Construction

We will administer the Building Contract between the Builder and you by providing answers to Builder queries, giving Architects Instructions, and dealing with Cost Variations and Extensions of Time that may occur. We visit the site regularly to ensure the project is built in accordance with the documents and prior to handover we will produce a Defects Lists for the Builder to remedy.

Other Services

Shadow Analysis

Swell Architects have been producing shadow diagrams for clients since the early 1990’s. These have covered everything from simple diagrams required by local Councils as part of DA submissions to acting as an Expert Witness in the NSW Land and Environment Court

Documentation Peer Review

Swell Architects can review documentation by other architects, draftsmen or builders and provide a report as to the quality of documentation as well as the planning and buildability of what is proposed.

Council Submissions

Swell Architects provide assistance to clients in making representations to Council in regard to how proposed development may have effect on a client’s property or neighbourhood. After over 39 years of working with Councils, Swell Architects can cut through to the important issues and present a well developed case that is pertinent to the facts and with understanding of Council requirements.

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